Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Alvin, TX

Includes: Four color LED light unit PETCO auto fish feeder Tetra-preset heater Tetra Whisper 10-air pump Python Pro-Clean-Gravel Washer and Siphon Kit Instant Ocean-Hydrometer Boat decoration, plant, Instant Ocean-marina conditioner Prime Reef Flakes Fish net
Salt water tank, live rock, 5 different fish, crabs and snails Led lighting that has 8 different colors options Comes with the little giant pump, 20 gallon sump and coralife 65 protein skimmer
Fish tank 48 inches in length, 21 inches height and 13 inches wide. Stand 49 inches in length, 24 inches in height and 14 inches wide. LIGHT INCLUDED. All in very good condition Stand
We bought this when our three boys were on a fish kick. Now sadly all the betas have perished and Mom is no longer willing to purchase more fish. Cross posted
Only used 1 of 6. Retails at $11
Comes with top, lights, filter system, aireators and some chemicals, filters and food. Pick up and cash only!
Size 30x12 inch
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