Can be used a security camera indoors or a baby monitor. The Nest app allows you to view live video (and recorded for a monthly fee) from your phone.
barely used, it includes its lens, charger, and it s strap. My daughter got a new camera for Christmas so she s selling this one! Works very well.
I bought it two weeks ago but use the camera only and didn t like it . I got a new one and don t need this one. Bought it for 20 but only use the camera for a week . The cables are still new. I already had the cables set up in my car so didn t need to use these cables .
Barely used, paid over $1,000, comes with original box. The image above is not where I purchased it from originally it s just an example of what one would go for used in good condition. I ll add actual photos when I get home.
Blk muslin, brown muslin,all color caps & gowns, baby props, new in pkg blanket props, white fence, light & dark wood floor or bk drop ...ect well over $400 in props/ bkdrops asking $200 OBO
Olympus digital e-1 with the extra lens 1.4 x teleconverter ec-14 that together is $1,800 new, this one is 2 yrs old so im only asking $500 with extra lens connected.